How to Choose the Right Escort

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How to Choose the Right Escort


There are a huge amount of London escorts to choose from, both agencies and individuals, no matter what your sexual preferences are, straight, gay or bi – you can guarantee there is an escort that will be able to provide exactly what you are looking for.


How to find the right escort


Want a threesome? Like to be spanked? In to bondage? Foot fetish? Submissive and want to be dominated? Love latex? Enjoy anal? Looking for a transexual experience? Prefer blondes? Big boobs?


Whatever your sexual preferences and needs are, rest assured there are a multitude of high class escorts and agencies that can (and will) satisfy every sexual craving and kink you may have (and some you may not even know you liked). The best thing to do is research and research some more; the majority of escorts and agencies offer bios of their services.


Obviously we are all different, and not everyone enjoys the same thing or have the same sexual preferences (how boring would that be if we were all the same?!), so don’t expect every escort or indeed agency to offer what you are looking for, just keep lookin – there will be one out there for you!


If you are looking for something in particular a quick internet search should pull up decent results, for example search for “redheaded escort in London who offers anal” – this should pull up a fair few results alone.


Look through the bios available from your search results. Make sure that they offer the service you want, so you don’t waste your time or theirs, or even worse put them or you in an awkward and uncomfortable situation.


As an example an escort who does not offer extreme bondage to their clients or enjoy it, would be unlikely to appreciate or indeed stick around for long if you open the door wearing some hardcore leather fetish gear, mouth gag and nipple clamps (although some certainly do!).


Once you have selected a few that offer what you are after, check out their photos (the majority of escort services have a free picture gallery of each escort and some also offer a paid for more naughty gallery!


Most high class escorts offer a feedback rating on their profiles from previous clients, so it may be worthwhile you reading through this after you have confirmed that they offer the particular service you are after.


Whatever you are in to or enjoy sexually you can be sure to find the right escort for you, just make sure you do some basic background research so you can both get the maximum pleasure from your encounter.

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