What to know Before Joining an Agency

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What to know Before Joining an Agency

Working as an individual escort in a major city such as Manchester can prove to be a very problematic job, especially in today’s financial and economic situation. It can be very difficult if you are new to the scene and still have not made much of a name for yourself. While many escorts try making it on their own through individually set up services, they sometimes find that this does not have much of a monetary gain or profit as many customers will want someone who is famous or is well known if they intend on employing someone who works individually. Now while it is true that if you sign up with an adult escort agency or an escort service then you will have to give in a part of your pay, sometimes quite a significant amount, to the people who are running the service. However joining a good reputable service helps you build a good clientele and also helps you make a name for yourself so that if later you decide to revert back to working individually, you can have more work and ready clients who will call you for your services.

Now before you do sign up to any random service or a reputable agency like Elite VIP Escorts, you might want to do a bit of a backup check on them and if possible ask other escorts who work for them how the hours are and what the pay rate is. Many seedy or shady services do not pay their escorts for a very long time and try to keep as much of the money for themselves as possible. You will want to ask questions about the pay structure first. As them how much you can expect to earn, what percentage they keep and if there are pay raises over a period of time or if it depends on the hours and clients. You will also want to ask them about the client screening as this is a very important part of you staying clean yourself. Good clean clients who have their background checks in order are not a threat to you and you should know if that process happens.

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